Automation in Freight Intermediation & Logistics

Hayahg is a technology company in Nigeria and the first Online Cargo Exchange Market, simplifying Truckload Brokerage and Transportation Intermediation. A marketplace for truckload information exchange connecting all parts of physical supply and distribution of goods and services, through a Load Board matching system.

The logistics AI Technology + Our certified freight broker pairs- Load to a truck, Search for load or driver, System notifies driver when load is posted by the cargo owner, Driver plans trip ahead- All on the Cargo Exchange Market.

We Offer transportation professionals an all-in-one, customizable platform with improved truckload visibility, daily market information, freight dispatch documentation, and a co-pilot/ back-end logistics support, with Web & Drivers App Interface.

Load is visible on the cargo exchange market, thereby improving freight information exchange & transparency in the logistics and supply chain industry in Nigeria.

We Offer fleet managers an all-in-one, customizable platform with improved load visibility, document management, and a co-pilot/ back-end support, so your driver can spend more time safely driving.

Find the most and the highest -paying load on haYahg, Nigeria Cargo XChange Market