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Load Number Origin Destination Pick-Up Date Type of Load Amount(₦) Truck Type Load Status Distance(km) Broker Action
HAYAHG-LOAD88938 Ogun State, Nigeria Sokoto, Nigeria 06/12/2022 10:00 Dangerous ₦1,054,900.00 Tanker Unassigned 959 user-dpMathew Carry Load
HAYAHG-LOAD65535 Lagos, Nigeria Kano, Nigeria 05/31/2022 10:00 Dry ₦1,272,700.00 Flat Unassigned 979 user-dp Carry Load
HAYAHG-LOAD88174 Ondo, Nigeria Nassarawa, Nigeria 05/30/2022 13:17 Wet ₦590,200.00 Low Bed Unassigned 454 user-dpConstance Carry Load
HAYAHG-LOAD67592 Lagos, Nigeria Ondo Road, Akure, Nigeria 05/30/2022 13:13 Wet ₦380,900.00 Flat Unassigned 293 user-dpConstance Carry Load

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